We gotta eat... Why not make it delicious?!


Hi and welcome to The Beader Chef!

My name is Michelle and I am happy you found my little home on the internet. The Beader Chef is a project I started after finishing my bachelor’s of science degree and it is a celebration of my three favorite past-times: cooking, baking and making jewelry.

In its launch, the blog was outlet away from school and the looming decisions I had to make about my future – where to do my graduate degree. Now, almost finished my graduate degree, I continue to publish content because I believe that food is an important part of our everyday lives. While growing up, my family put a lot of importance on family dinners. At the end of each day we would gather around the table and share our days with our loved ones, and it all took place around delicious food.

About me

I am a clumsy goofball. I love coffee, tea and wine. I’ve always been a cat person but I am slowly becoming a cat and dog person. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. Traveling is something I wish I could do more of. I love watching Disney movies. If you see me with headphones on I’m probably listening to a podcast or an audiobook – both are great when you’re in the kitchen or making jewelry.

Beyond that, I am a graduate student in pharmacology with a couple months left of research before I trade the lab bench for a desk and write my thesis. Throughout my degree, there have been a lot of highs and lows (it’s the way research goes) but now that it’s coming to its end I do believe it has taught me a lot about myself and that I’m ready for the next step. What that is, I’m not sure of… yet.

About The Beader Chef

After moving out of my childhood home a couple months ago, I now come home from the lab to cook for two. Therefore, many of the recipes found on The Beader Chef are developed for 2 to 3 portions and are easy and quick to prepare. Of course, sometimes we entertain, take the whole day to cook supper or make larger portions to have leftovers (mainly for lunches).

Whether it’s a 30-minute chicken piccata for two because you can’t wait to get on the couch, or taking the whole day to make every component of a meal, even the bread, The Beader Chef is all about great tasting, healthy-ish food, that always leaves room for a sweet dessert!

Food Philosophy

The Beader Chef has recipes of all kinds because my boyfriend and I don’t stick to any one type of diet. We do, however, try to stay on the healthy side of the spectrum – everything in moderation! For those looking for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, I’ve tagged them for you. Slowly I will learn about other diets and tag them too.

Other special tags I’ve created? Different cuisines. I believe that big bold flavors from around the world can take the simplest recipe or cooking technique to the next level – we should explore the flavors of our global community. 30 minutes or less. Because sometimes you just don’t have the time. And lastly, one-pot/pan dishes. Because who doesn’t love easy cleanup!

For me, 30 minutes or less it an important category. Coming from a world of overworked/underpaid graduate students and young professionals, many believe that they don’t have the time to make a good wholesome meal. I want to demonstrate that this is not the case, and hopefully, I can diversify reader’s recipe routines.


The Beader Chef is always a work in progress. I continuously try and improve my photography, a newfound passion of mine. The clarity in which I write recipe instructions, simple step-by-step instructions make new recipes less daunting. And lastly, my writing is a work in progress, which will grow alongside The Beader Chef.

More than anything, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for being there, reading my blog posts, making the recipes, and following The Beader Chef on social media. I hope this blog can play a role in making your life tastier!

Bon Appetit!