We gotta eat... Why not make it delicious?!

Costa Rica 2018

Kayaking beside a whale, seeing hundreds of dolphins from our fishing boat, and eating food prepared by a very talented chef are just a few of the countless highlights from my trip to Costa Rica! Next time, I need a GoPro!

View of the Papagayo Peninsula, Guanacaste Costa Rica

I think this would be a very long blog post if I outlined every amazing thing that happened when we (my boyfriend, boyfriend’s parents, their friends, and their son and girlfriend) were in Costa Rica at the end of February, but I couldn’t go without posting about some of it along with some pictures! So here are some highlights in pictures!

Food & Drink

Guaro Sours (working on a post!) at Poro Poro.

Guacamole, pico de gallo, tortilla and plantain chips at Prieta Beach Club – as well as our margaritas on the beach at sunset.

margaritas on prieta beach, costa rica

Dinner with Chef Nicolas Devenelle

While we stayed in Costa Rica we did most of our own cooking at the house we were staying at. However for one of our dinners, Chef Nicolas, from Chef4U, came to give us a cooking lesson and make us a three-course dinner – it was amazing.

We learned how to make beef wellington with a Costa Rican twist, had perfectly cooked mahi-mahi, and a Zabaione with sautéed fruits and passion fruit ice cream.

Me wearing a toque blanche rolling out pastry dough.

beef wellington



Palo Verde Boat Tour

So much can be said for the Palo Verde Boat Tour and our drive there and back. On our drive there we stopped to watch locals dive into the river below to collect sand that is good for concrete. Seeing the oxen pull the sand up the hill was definitely something to see as well.

palo verde boat tour

palo verde boat tour

palo verde boat tour

We also passed by sugar cane fields and melon crops. Although some sugar cane fields are harvested mechanically, some are harvested by hand. To collect the sugar cane by hand, the fields are burned to rid it of any animals so that it is safer for the workers to collect – another labor-intensive job done in the extreme heat.

We also found out how melons are grown as well as cashews, and I personally will never complain about the cost of melons or cashews again. For melons everything needs to be done by hand: placing melons on plastic holders to raise them off the soil so they won’t rot, rotating them so that they grow normally and harvesting them. And cashews yield one nut per fruit, so it would take a whole tree to yield a small tin.

Next, on our ride down some kids waved us down to stop our bus because they spotted a pair of macaws in a tree close by.

palo verde boat tour

Finally, at the boat tour, our guide and the captain of the boat were amazing at spotting lots of birds, lizards, monkeys (we even saw them go into a boat to steal a t-shirt) and, you guessed it, crocodiles! After the tour, we were served a family style Costa Rican lunch that was definitely one of my favorite meals of the trip.

palo verde boat tour

palo verde boat tour

palo verde boat tour

I think the picture above is one of my favorites from the trip! And while we are on the subject of monkeys, below are a couple howler monkeys we saw around the house we stayed at!

Deep Sea Fishing

The boat trip was amazing, and even though we didn’t catch any mahi-mahi (our goal because we wanted some for supper) we saw hundreds of dolphins swimming around the boat – and we saw another whale!!! I don’t have any clear pictures of this, but I do have a video that I am in the process of editing to put here!!!

(I will put a video here!)

Our trip was one that I will never forget, and although I’ve been before, Costa Rica and the Papagayo Peninsula continues to amaze me for its wildlife, the ocean, fantastic beaches and it’s friendly people, and, above all else, the people I travel there with! Oh and some of the most amazing highlights were not even captured… note to self (and to others): when vacationing in Costa Rica you need a GoPro!

Stuff not captured: kayaking beside a whale that was at least three times the length of our tandem kayak. Kayaking with sea turtles and seeing a blowfish. Seeing a white-faced money eating a Cheeto (not very happy I saw that one though), and a lot of other wildlife!