About Me

Hi and Welcome! Bonjour et Bienvenue! Hola y Bienvenidos! Ciao e benvenuto!

I’m Michelle, and The Beader Chef is my little home on the internet. At TBC I’m Miss. Does Everything: I am the cook, the writer, the photographer, the web developer, the tech support, AND I am also the designer and jeweler for Homemade & Handmade by TBC. It’s quite a lot, but the one thing I do get help on is: TASTING! Everyone’s tastes are different! So I have my family, boyfriend and friends taste the food I make.


A little bit about myself? 

about me TBCI am a clumsy goof ball. I love coffee and wine. I’ve been a cat person for most of my life but I am slowly becoming a cat and dog person. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. I like listening to podcasts and audiobooks, every year I do a repeat of listening to all the Harry Potter books – I am a HUGE fan. The last movie came out close to my 18th birthday; I think it marked my entrance into adulthood.

Weird (I know) but: I also have this theory that the Habs will win the Stanley Cup (NHL Hockey) in 2018 because it’s full of 25’s: 25 years since they last won the cup, it will be their 25th stanley cup, it’s been 25 years since a Canadian hockey team has won the cup AND it will be my 25th birthday! 😛 Now that it’s in writing I have proof I predicted it before the season started.

Oh and (last point) I’m a serious emotional basket case (in a good way though), happy moments make me tear up! I am the one crying during a disney movie. I’m not ashamed, I embrace it – HAKUNA MATATA!


On a more serious note:

I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in pharmacology. Far from what most people believe this will not allow me to be a pharmacist, but rather a scientist that studies the interactions of drugs with living systems.

To put it in perspective: I want to be the scientist doing research and writing the scientific paper that explains how, for example, although grapefruit juice is packed with good things like vitamin C and potassium, it could interfere with certain medications by changing the way they are absorbed into the bloodstream, which can be dangerous! I find this type of science or research for drug development super fascinating, important and rewarding.


Why start TBC?

It may seem that TBC started in January 2017 (the first recipe posted is in January), but the truth is: I really started it in May 2016 after finishing my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. After 4 years of working my bum off and never having a summer vacation because I was in a work-study program, the end of my degree was scary!!! At that time cooking, my budding interest in food photography, and food writing became an awesome creative outlet. I definitely learned a lot in the first couple months, and in January I turned my thebeaderchef.weebly.com website (honestly it’s still up with all the old stuff!) into the official thebeaderchef.com and learned how to WordPress.org – because learning how to WordPress.org is an actual thing. This website platform has quite a steep learning curve, especially if you have absolutely no background in anything computer/coding related. I’m learning as I go!


My food tendencies?

Really anything! I will try anything at least once (unless I am very put off by its appearance or the face someone makes when they try it before me) and because of this, if I say I don’t like something it’s validated, I’ve done the experimentation.

Recipes on TBC will have a bit of everything! I don’t stick to a specific diet, but when a recipe is posted that is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free… I’ll tag it to let you know and make it easier to search for. More importantly, two of my favourite tags will definitely be 30 minutes or less and cooking for two.

Being a student I know many people (including myself sometimes) that believe they don’t have time to make a good meal and often turn to something that can be microwaved in 3 minutes. I want and hope I can show people that a good meal can be made pretty quickly. Also, experimenting with cooking for two is fun and (more importantly) informative for when I eventually decide to move out and diversify my boyfriend’s standard “stir fry” supper – yes Ryan, I’m calling you out!

Anyhow… I’m super excited to see where I can take TBC and I hope you join me for the ride! It may get bumpy (especially now at the start) but I think till will be an adventure for both readers and myself!


Enjoy your meal! Bon Appétit! Buen Provecho! Buon Appetito!


PS. Why the four languages? I am bilingual and can speak and write in both English and French – this is a little joy that happens when you have English parents and live in predominantly French province (Quebec) but in a bilingual city (Montreal). On top of this I understand Spanish and Italian. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school but lost most of it apart from understanding – if you don’t use it, ya lose it!  I also understand Italian since my maternal grandparents were Italian immigrants and it was spoken around me growing up; plus I’m currently trying to learn Italian with an app – so far so good!