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24th Birthday Weekend!

I was a little busy this weekend and totally forgot about a Tuesday post! OOPS! So instead of my traditional recipe post, I want to let you know what I did on my 24th birthday weekend –  in PICTURES!

24th Birthday Weekend

Mt. Tremblant

I started my weekend by driving to Mt. Tremblant to get away from the city Thursday night!

There I had some great R&R with amazing people over two days; met a cute little kitten and her sister whom I wanted to adopt; spent time on the dock; had a great dinner at Ital Deli Friday night – which I am dying to remake.

For all of these activities I have no photos (or no good enough photos) because: R&R means phones down and away (for the most part lol).

Also, HUGE PS. Look out for a chicken breast roulade, stuffed with herbs on top of mashed potatoes, with a pepperoncini cream sauce on the blog. I am SO sorry I didn’t be “that girl” and take a picture of the tasty masterpiece I ate for dinner Friday. Eventually I will recreate it… and eventually it will be on the blog. 🙂

Atwater Market, Dinner & Drinks

After the getaway, my boyfriend and I came back to the city on Saturday to take in the good weather on the lachine canal and browse the Atwater Market! The radishes were beautiful and fresh… and the  fresh Quebec strawberries on the canal with a cider wasn’t too shabby either! 😉

24th Birthday Weekend - Atwater Market


24th Birthday Weekend - Atwater Market


24th Birthday Weekend - Atwater Market

Then we went off to dinner at one of the newest restaurants in Griffintown, Licence IV. Where we shared a really yummy charcuterie board staring some Duck Rillette and a Beef Tartar.

However! Little did we know if we had went to  opposite way down the street, we might have had the chance to sneak a peak of Prime Minister Trudeau and the cast of X-Men eating in Little Burgundy!

24th Birthday Weekend - Licence IV

That night we also got into a Speakeasy for a couple drinks, Romeo’s Gin & Soda to be exact! Find out more about Romeo’s Gin in my Quebec Gin post!

Getting into the bar wasn’t obvious, but really cool since it felt like sneaking in! Talk about a throwback to prohibition!

The next day (Sunday) I chilled at home and experimented with some Vietnamese Cilantro in Guacamole… Lets just say I was really tired and overestimated the amount of lime juice needed – you could not taste the cilantro as it was over powered by lime. Everyone makes mistakes!

I also made my Birthday Cake! The recipe is a knockout and is coming soon!

Jean Talon Market & Beatrice

Finally, on my birthday (June 26th!), I took the day off and explored the Jean Talon Market picking up zucchini flowers, garlic scapes, fresh garlic bulbs, zucchini, strawberries and some plants. Not to mention I ate yummy fresh Fish & Chips from the local fish monger and some Arancini and Calzoni from an Italian butcher.

24th Birthday Weekend - Jean Talon Market


24th Birthday Weekend - Jean Talon Market

Next up was my birthday dinner with my parents and boyfriend at Ristorante Beatrice.

I’ve always wanted to go since I would pass by their amazing all-season garden/terrace on my way to my dentist. It did not disappoint!

We shared Huge Oysters, Carpaccio and Burrata as appetizers and I had a delicious Pappardelle with Tomato Sauce, Cream, Flor di Latte and Basil as my main – FOOD COMA.

24th Birthday Weekend - Beatrice


24th Birthday Weekend - Beatrice

Pretty amazing weekend if I do say so myself! Now time to plan a get together with friends after the two long weekends (St. Jean and Canada Day) are over!

Stay tuned for other yummy recipes I’ve been working on!

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